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Princess Lamberts adventures: All about princess Lambert

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Princess Lamberts Adventures
All about me.

Hi my name is princess lambert and I have always loved going on adventures, when I was born I knew my life would be a little bit different.

For starters my mum looks nothing like me but she’s the one with the food so I love her the most. I also love kisses, cuddles, scratches, food, and dressing up. My favourite games are hind and seek and races. I also love listing to music, my mum used to put music on for me to listen to when I was little, but I don’t think there’s any lamb bands.

Oh and yes apparently I am a sheep, what ever one of those is.


Princess Lambert

Where Princess lambert lives

I live on something called a small holding, my mum says that is a small version of a farm, now being young I’m not sure what a Farm is, but I do know there’s food there, food like grass, nuts, hay, tasty flowers, and more grass.

There are all sorts of farms, some only grow plants or crops or vegetables like wheat and potatoes, and some only have farm animals on them like me and my friends.


Lambert and goats

Princess Lamberts  Favourite Things

When I was younger I really loved milk, I would do ANYTHING for a bottle of milk. Once I drank it so fast I got a tummy ache and went all wobbly.
Now I’m bigger my favourite thing to eat is shredded wheat mini bites  I especially like the ones with honey and nuts on. My mum says that not very good nutrition for a ewe, that’s what I am now I’m all grown up so I get sheep mix instead.



I have Lots of friends which are other farm animals but some of them look very different, some have scary sharp things on their head some have flappy things on their sides. Most of them are very very noisy but none of them look like my mum. Do you now what they are?


Brown chickens



My mum keeps saying it’s lambing season and that there’s going to be more friends to play with very soon, I don’t mind as long as they don’t given my shreddies.

Baby lambs


I would love to learn more about farming, I love making new friends too. It would be a lot of fun if we could do it together, please keep reading my blog I can’t wait to tell you what adventures I have been on next.


Love from

Princess Lambert 🐑💕