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Shaws Pedigree Utility Poultry

About Shaws Pedigree Utility Poultry

We Specialise in breeding traditional utility stock mainly for the medium and smaller producers.

We are proud to have the last strain of white Wyandotte in the country which have been breed on this site since 1924.

We try to maintain them together with commercial strains of roads island reds and white leg horns.

In Warwickshire we sell commercial stock for the smaller producers.

Contact Shaws Pedigree Utility Poultry

Contact name: Graham
Telephone: 07941 775735



More information

I have been a poultry producer for over 30 years and have a passion for keeping top quality stock which include the following.

Hybred poulets:both standard brown layer and coloured .

Montrose minis: which are a blend of bantam and large fowl, producing a usable egg of approximately 50g. they lay well and are attractive, ideal for small areas. They are very active and come in a light brown.

Laying ducks: K Campbells, from an excellent egg laying strain and welsh Harlequin are some times avalible

Goslings: Only small quantise are available from my own stock which are naturally incubated under bantams. The ganders will make up to 22 lb live weight at christms

Table ducks: these ducks are ready for killing at 7 weeks weighing 5lb oven ready.

Table Chickens: Ross/ Cobb Cockersl and pullets available.

Please call me for more information.