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The Real Wood Furniture Company

About The Real Wood Furniture Company

Made in England with pride & passion…The Real Wood Furniture Company has been making beautiful furniture from solid British hard woods since 1989 and offers a wide selection of hand crafted furniture for every room in the home, using timbers of exquisite beauty, and sometimes also glass and hand forged steel in the creation of a truly unique collection.

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Telephone: 01608642741

The Real Wood Furniture Company
at 'Mo Tighe'
Chapel House Grounds
Chipping Norton
United Kingdom

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Since 1989, ‘The Real Wood Furniture Company’ has established a reputation for quality, attention to detail and integrity, attracting customers from far and wide to view our unique, bespoke collection of handmade furniture.

We pride ourselves on using timber indigenous to these shores and only buy British grown timbers from reputable suppliers who embrace the same ethics as ourselves. Buying British, often from sources close by, we keep our carbon footprint small, whilst availing ourselves of the finest quality timbers. All of the wood in our furniture is sustainably sourced and we are committed to ensuring the survival of woodland areas. We understand that through careful management and correct harvesting, future generations can continue to enjoy Britain’s forests.

The company is proud to be a founder member of Woodland Heritage, a charity dedicated to increasing the woodland area in the UK. In our local area we are also sponsors of The Wychwood Project which looks after woodland and conservation issues throughout West Oxfordshire.