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Magnificent Microgreens

We grow organically grown Microgreens, up to 40% more nutrition than their mature counterparts and with an intense flavour. Delivered on the day of harvest in biodegradable bags.

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Ebb tides

Ebb Tides sells sustainably hand harvested edible seaweeds. Based on the beautiful Jurassic Coast in East Devon. Ebb Tides prides itself in hand harvesting the very best varieties of Seaweed including Dulse, Kelp, Sargassum & Laver to be used in everyday cooking. It’s even been given the seal of approval from local top award winning […]

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British Apples, English Apples, Apples and Pears: Tullens Fruit Farm

Tullens fruit farm offers a finest quality, fresh and delicious flavors apples, English apples, apple juice, organic apple juice, apple recipes, fresh apple juice, apple juice nutrition, pears ,orange, fresh vegetables, organic lamb, popular varieties recipes of apple. Best food shop for fruit lover of British apples in West Sussex, UK.

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The Inkpot

The Inkpot is an 23 acre organic, permaculture demonstration farm run by a small family. We showcase the best in innovtive environmental farming, with high animal welfare and award winning produce

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