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Farm Life: Newbies & Growing up

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As summer is now definitely passing and my winter coats are calling, I thought I would share a few things that have been happening on my little farm over the summer.

Our haymaking was done early providing us with some high-quality winter forage, but for many of us, this long dry spell has taken its toll.

Well, we are definitely growing in numbers, three of our chickens, who are affectionately named,

Mrs peck-a-lot


Chicken love




Frizzle bantam

Tina Turner


Black silky bantam


have all been busy mums this year, Tina Turner, in particular, has hatched no less than 16 eggs this summer giving us some lovely bantam crosses and even some ducklings 🐣.

Farm Life Bantom chicks

Growing up fast

We even managed to hatch some ourselves in our incubator.



Unfortunately, the circle of life continued as it does on most farms. The newborns came along and some of our older ladies and gentle chicks went over the rainbow bridge. Some died of natural old age, some were unlucky with a particularly crafty fox, and some had to be gently pushed over the bridge and into the light.

Explaining to my youngest child the difference of why do we have a dead chicken in the run, to where are all the chickens going to what’s daddy doing to that chicken’s neck mummy, has been a challenge in its self. I try to tell my children what, how and why happened, they take it all in their stride and accept the answers I give them.

After months of looking we finally found a lovely Billy goat very local to us, and after what seemed a very easy settling in period with our nannies, we later found out that he seems to be a bit of an escape artist  and that 5 nannies are just not enough entertainment for him. Yep, we have a goat 🐐    Lafar Rio on our hands.!!

Farm Life: 🐱 Meow

Along with our growing poultry came 3 little surprises in the form of Lucky, Renee and DJ cool cat 🐱. Three Ferrell kittens from a nearby farm. If you click on the link below you can see them enjoying their dinner. BED3943C-35D6-4D55-BA41-865588CA7F0A


Farm Life: Princess Lambert, Growing up.

Finally, there’s Princess Lambert. My dear little Lambert has been trying so hard to believe she a sheep. She’s had her first haircut, ✂️😎she’s been turned out with the folk, she’s gone in a trailer for the first time ever, and very nearly jumped into the back of my car to come home again! 🚙 And she’s been babysitting two orphan lambs from this year, Hartley and curly. 💓

Farm Life Heartly and curly

Lamb boot

princess Lambert In the shade

We all need a bit of shade.

Princess Lambert mummy cuddles

Some sheep just love their mum.

But even with all that extra responsibility, this is what happens.


Excuse the Photo Bombers Patch and Alfie Moon.