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Artisan ice cream

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One Gloucestershire Farmer One Amazing Product

Gloucestershire is my destination and artisan ice cream is what I’m after. I am on my way to meet a man with a passion, a 3rd generation dairy farmer who instead of giving up when things got tough in the dairy industry, sort a new way to mix his old love with a new one.

This is what Farmpress is all about, finding people who support our UK agricultural and what better way of doing this then making a product which we all love.


Artisan Ice Cream


One of the food Angeles we go to for fun, a treat, celabration or even commiseration! It can fill the voided and hit the spot where a cup of tea just wont reach.

We all have our favourite brands of ice cream but trust me, this ice cream company is like no other.

Artisan ice cream cake

Ivor’s Ice cream is one of the best artisan ice cream makes in the UK, made with passion and flair. After spending time perfecting flavours and testing new recipes Ivor now supplies pubs and restaurants. You can also find Ivor ice cream at many country shows and food festivals from Country file live all the way up to the great yorkshire show.

If you have difficulty choosing your favourite flavour then Ivor wont be making life any easier for you,he has been proudly making his ice cream since 2006, so with these years of experience comes countless flavour options.

Ivors ice cream

The classics are there of course, after all where would we be with out vanilla. But for the more adventurous and ice cream  connoisseurs amoungst us we have flavours like, cherry marble, banana chocolate crunch and haribo.



Take A Look At This.

Ice cream and liquor

Ivor’s Ice is the perfect for all sorts of celebrations, from beautiful ice cream cakes, even in the shape of a number, why not get Ivor to come along with one of his special cabinet for your show, wedding or any other celebration.

When the evening comes to a close choose Ivor’s ice cream it is the best way for both adults and children to enjoy together.